Machine Learning Fast Track

May 28, 2018



These online articles  a great hands-on introduction to the Machine Learning principles, including the Mathematics background and theoretical principles. You can even follow along, getting started with Python to see ML at work.



Mathematics for Data Science


Basic Linear Algebra for Deep Learning


Linear Algebra Cheat Sheet


Linear Algebra for Deep Learning (includes some Python)



Developing in Python


Python programming


Quick dive into Pandas for Data Science


The Four Pillars of OOP in Python 3 for Beginners



Machine Learning


Neural Networks in Python


Few Machine Learning Problems (with Python implementation)


Deep Learning in Python


Machine Learning in Python - Part 1


Machine Learning in Python - Part 2


Supervised Learning in Python


Unsupervised Learning in Python


Machine Learning is Fun



ML Libraries


Tensorflow - Part 1


Tensorflow - Part 2

Keras Programming


Time Series Analysis in Python (using Facebook Prophet)



Great Visualization for Neural Networks


Tensorflow Playground




Miscellaneous Applications


K-nearest-neighbors - AirBnB Pricing


DIY Deep Learning Projects



Advanced Structures


The Fall of RNN/LSTM




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